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client-informationEmploying the right staff is fundamental to any organisation.  Without the right people aboard, no amount of money can make a company succeed.

Let us help you add to your success!

Because the correct employee can only add value to your capital, recruiting the right candidate is an important, thorough and lengthy process that should not be skipped. Elite Employment believes in delivering the standard of service that we promise at all times.  In order to do this we make tremendous effort in understanding your:  company profile, culture, needs, expectations and vacancy specification.

This gives us insight into what exactly you are looking for when filling a vacancy.

We offer:

  • Personalised Service

To obtain a thorough understanding of our Clients and Candidates requirements and expectations.

1.   Included are Vacancy specification meetings (ALL Clients), briefing and de-briefing sessions and

2.   Pre-selection interviews, briefing and de-briefing sessions (ALL Candidates)

  • Thorough Background Checking

Included in our standard service are: up-to-date references from previous employers.  Additional background checks, such as qualification verifications and credit checks, can be performed at your request.

  • Thomas International Personality Profiling System

Learn more about your new potential employee by this renowned testing system here, for which we are accredited.

  • C.V. Commentary and Standardised C.V.s

Providing information essential to the decision making process that is not necessarily contained in the CV plus all the other important information in a standardised, user-friendly structure, which makes candidate comparison a breeze.

  • Unconditional Financial Guarantee

We provide a 100% guarantee with every permanent candidate placed.  This proves how confident we are in finding the right person for the position and how much faith we have in our pre-selection procedures.  (As per our terms of business)

  • Advertising

We will gladly handle the entire process for you.  From designing, booking and placing an advertisement to dropping off the screened, short-listed CV’s and more…

Contact us today and have a friendly consultant visit you promptly.

“If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs”

Larry Bossidi