We’re all about matching people to their perfect role and we want YOUR help. The great thing about our referral system is that it’s really easy to do. Anyone can make a referral and you can earn some amazing rewards for helping your friends or family find a new job.

Candidate Referral System: What’s in it for me?

  1. You can earn lots of money
  2. You can help your friends find a great new job
  3. And you can help a company find a great person

What qualifies as a referral?

A referral is successful once all of the following conditions are met:

  • The person you refer is submitted and offered the permanent job by one of our clients. If the person you referred to us, does not get the role that you initially put them forward for – we will still pay you your reward should he/she get a job with us within 3 months of you submitting them.
  • The person referred is not already registered with Elite Employment
  • The person remains in the job past our refund guarantee period
  • The client has paid us for the placement

How do I refer a company or a person?

To refer a candidate all you need to do tell the person you think is ideal for the job to register with us for this specific vacancy or to call us on 061-234151 and tell us the person’s name, telephone number and the role you are referring them for. Please check with the person that they are happy for you to refer them before you pass their details onto us. You can also email your referral to

How much money do I earn?

If you refer a candidate to us following the guidelines above here’s how much you’d earn:

For a permanent position:
Permanent salary Reward payable up to*
Up to N$ 10 000 N$ 720.00
Up to N$ 20 000 N$ 1440.00
Up to N$ 30 000 N$ 2160.00
N$ 30 000 N$ 2160.00 + (max N$ 5000.00)

*As our fee structure varies, the rewards will be influenced by this

How do I get paid?

  • Your reward will be due when we successfully fill the vacancy/place candidate in a role, as soon as we have been paid by our client and once our refund guarantee period has expired (3 months).
  • The reason we have to wait is because, before this date, we are liable to refund our fee if the referred person does not stay in the job Your reward will be paid by eft transfer straight into your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How well do I need to know the person I am referring?
A: Not very well. Simply ask the candidate to call us in regards to the specific role, (or give us their contact details) and we’ll do the rest.

Q: Should I feel guilty about making money off a friend?
A: No. They end up with a great job and you end up with a lovely financial reward!

Q: How do I check when my payment is due?
A: When you have recommended a candidate we suggest you stay in contact with the candidate directly so that you know exactly when they started. Rest assured we will pay (in line with the conditions above) as soon as your fee is payable.

Tips to earn the most money!

Log on to our vacancies weekly on Facebook or
and recommend anyone in your little black book of contacts for any of our roles.

Tell us about them or ask your friends to contact us and all you need to do is wait for your reward to drop into your bank account!