Thomas International

 For nearly 30 years Thomas International has become a global provider of objective management systems and business assessment tools that help organisations recruit, retain, develop and train their staff.  With a presence in more than 60 countries and conducting in excess of one million assessments per year, there is no doubt as to the success of this profiling method.

Thomas’ behavioural tests analyse a persons behavioural style at work, identify their strengths and limitations and help measure their mental agility.

What is the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)? Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides an insight into how a person behaves at work answering questions such as – What are their strengths and limitations?  Are they self starters?  How do they communicate?  What motivates them?

What about validity? PPA is registered by the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Thomas is a founder member of the Association of Test Publishers in South Africa (ATP), dedicated to improving the quality of published assessments.

How will it help your business? You are only as good as the people you employ and time spent recruiting, training and developing the right people will give you a competitive edge. Whilst people remain the heart of a business it is their interaction with one another that can impede the flow of work and productivity.  Personality clashes are a major cause of breakdown in team communication and good will.  The PPA enables people to be more aware of their work style.  Assessment, tests and profiling used within a business show what people are capable of and how they act.  This can be used to identify what sort of job they will be good at, how well they will fit within a company culture and even how far they will go in their career.

When would I use an assessment?

Recruitment – selecting people for jobs

Retention – managing team relationships and resolving conflict

Development – coaching employees, assisting with change of management, surveying potential issues within a team

Training – identifying strengths and weaknesses

Job profiling:

Profiling jobs means you are able to come up with an objective view of the behavioural characteristics needed for that role to be performed successfully.  Only by understanding the behaviours you need from a person in a role will you be able to recruit the right person to fill it.